Micki's Star


Micki's Star is not currently in my gallery, but the night this image came about has proven to be pivotal in my night photography journey.

My cousin Micki's birthday was December 21st, the same as the Great Conjunction of 2020.  She passed before I had the opportunity to know her, but her sister has become my dear friend, confidant, and ardent supporter. Micki's Star was made to honor them both.

The evening above the lake was clear, calm and beautiful. People milled about, eagerly awaiting the great event - a few of them sharing the view through my husband's scope.

As Jupiter and Saturn drew ever closer to each other, the anticipation grew - everyone around me looking for "the star" that would never happen.

I was deeply saddened that they all left in disappointment.  Their expectations had been fostered well beyond the reality of the event. The wonderful evening around, below, and above us was not enough.

And so...

Although I am building the skills to "make" a star, I choose, now, not to.  I hope to share not only what I see through the lens of my camera, but also the peace, the beauty, and the magic of the night sky that is truly there - if you open your heart and allow your soul to see.

Micki's Star was a gift to my dear family.  My gallery is my gift to them and the rest of the world.

~ Tammy