Mother's Moon

We were fortunate to see the beautiful total lunar eclipse Sunday evening. Severe storms had worked their way around us all weekend, but the skies cleared in the mid evening hours. DTC and I headed out to our local lake to see what we could see. Yes - I actually had company for this outing!
Sort of. DTC parked the truck and watched the eclipse unfold from the end of the dam at our local reservoir. I tromped ever closer to the woods surrounding the small lake to get to my chosen location.
The ugly scritching, screeching, scratching and screaming coming out of those woods should have scared me off. Instead, I found myself hollering back as mom to an unruly child. Thank goodness nothing talked back!
I wanted to include the stars that surrounded the darkening moon, but the settings for each are decidedly different. Two cameras it was. Shooting simultaneously. Two remotes, two tripods, two left feet! In spite of myself I was later able to blend timely background and moon images to re-create what my eyes saw in the beautiful night sky.
So - to honor my recently deceased mother and my two daughters - incredible mothers in their own right, last Mother's Day Sunday that found all of us doing our own thing, and the mom voice I found I still have - Mother's Moon

~ Tammy