Musings from the Bridge


Easy Peace -  stars above ,falls below.                        Reality - we are never truly still                                    Star Crossed - anchored to the earth

These images are too dark to be successful gallery additions, but in making them last night, sitting in the dark enjoying the beauty around me, I realized how truly insignificant I was. Those feelings led to the following. I would love to hear your thoughts about these or other images you may have contemplated.


Throughout centuries, man's quest for symmetry and cleverness has aligned haphazardly with nature, when not attempting to thwart her.

Islands covered with skyscrapers, rivers dammed to their demise, roads and bridges crissing and crossing and crammed with humanity.

And though we've replicated it, man did not initially provide the very air and water that sustains us, nor the gravity that retains us.

So the next time you admire a piece of art, a beautiful building, or even an old bridge, please remember to also honor nature, and her creator, whomever you believe that to be, as it is nature that allows us to stay.

~ Tammy