Star Fishing

The sky ... so clear ...
  the lake ... so still ...
   even the ducks are silent.
An owl ... and a whippoorwill ...
   a ghostly duet ...
     all manner of insects humming along.
Breaking the surface from time to time
... fish ... reaching for stars
      floating reflectively 
         on the water nearby ...
Star Fishing.

But .... does it make the cut?

Probably not.  As much as I like the composition and the colors, light pollution on the horizon make processing more difficult, and I let this one get a little too grainy.  While it looks good on a computer screen, and would probably look great on your wall, a print can magnify every unwanted speck and sometimes be more unpleasing than not. I don't want that for you.

Docks, comfort stations, parking lots and campgrounds at the Big Hill Lake are well lit and clean.  It is a wonderful place to hike, camp, and fish, but the lights are proving to be a challenge for my night photography.

So Star Fishing may not make the gallery, but you can enjoy it here, and keep an eye out for the next new piece that does make the cut!

  ~ Tammy