Timber Hill

Light can make us, break us, or take us in - its very being is the essence of our images. I had not intended to do a panorama this particular evening, but as I rotated my camera away from the lighted dock, I was intrigued by the absolute stillness of this small lake, and the ever changing light and color.

Creating a "panorama" is a common technique used to make larger images than what is possible with a single shot. Timber Hill is made up of 5 pictures, side by side, with the camera rotated about 20 degrees between each. 

Once the files are transferred to a computer they are loaded into an editing  program - I use Affinity Photo or PTGui.  The software recognizes the overlapped images and "stitches" them together.

Many tools make up a photographer's kit these days. Just
contact me if you have any questions about mine.

~ Tammy