It's been a month since our trip to Yellowstone, but the amazing sights and sounds we experienced there will stay with me forever!  No crowds ... no light pollution ... no bugs!
My DTC was not happy about driving from our little corner of Kansas clear out to Yellowstone, but I believe even he will admit the trip was worth it.  Especially when he happened to be the first one to notice the Northern Lights!
The workshop instructors had challenged me to attempt some long exposure shots, so the night we went to Yellowstone Lake I did just that.  While the rest of the group faced south, shooting the Milky Way, I focused on the North Star, hoping to create acceptable star trails.  20 minutes in, my husband noticed some "long reflections on the lake."  When I looked up - OMG!  Northern Lights!  We could actually see columnar reflections dancing in the lake! I immediately went into panic mode to change what I was shooting and let everyone else know what they were missing!  Soon we were all oohing and ahhing over the incredible displays of color our cameras were capturing!
But that wasn't all!  Soon after our excitement over the lights began, we were greeted with the eeriest chorus of noise that any of us had ever heard!  A pack of wolves was running through the trees above us and their howls, yips and cries echoed off the lake like a massive amphitheater!  Were they as excited about the lights as we were?  We will never know the answer to that, but we do know that a dozen of us near the lake shore below the pack had goosebumps and shivers like never before!

Yellowstone after Dark - Gifted with Northern Lights - Serenaded by Wolves - Epic is the only word that fits!

~ Tammy